Website Development (SEO)

SEO google rank in leicesterWebsite development or SEO (search engine optimisation) is crucial to any business or website owner. Getting your website to the top of the search engines can be a long, drawn out process and takes a lot of analysing. Visitor statistics are used to work out where you are performing well and where your downfalls are. We can make your site hit the correct audience helping your site to turn traffic into leads.

Some developers make the mistake of trying to get as much traffic to your site as possible. Where this may look attractive, we want the vistors to actually be interested in your website encouraging them to make that important enquiry or purchase. We try to acheive a 90% hit rate of genuine 'Good' visitors.

There are 2 ways to get your website up the Google rankings. The easy way is to use 'Google Adwords'. This allows you to place an advert in the top of google or the right hand side of Google's partner networks. Each time a visitor clicks your advert, you will pay per click. You can specify how much you want to be charged per click and set a daily budget. Please bear in mind that google will always favour the advert with highest bid, this can be 'adword warfare' between competitors. The second way is to acheive high Google rankings organically. This basically means that if your site is well constucted, full of information and is popular with other websites, Google will recognise this and rank you accordingly. Popularity with other websites is acheived by link building.

We can help develop your site to get the very best out of it. Please don't get drawn into the guarantee of No 1 ranking in Google. This can be acheived, but there are so many factors to look at. The main factor is your keyword selections or search phrases. If you are selling coffee for example, there is practically no way that anyone will get you at the top of google (organically) for such a generic keyword. We aim to be more specfic about our development. We offer our services for all UK customers. Generally, most of our clients are local to us. Making us number 1 for SEO in Leicester & Warwickshire

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