iphone, mac & ipad repairsWe recommend that all computer types are serviced regularly. This helps prolong the life and performance of your equipment. We check all hardware for foreign matter & signs of wear. All software needs to be checked that it is running correctly. Incorrect or corrupt software may damage your hardware which may be expensive!! We can offer a regular computer maintenance plan for the home or business user that can be tailored to suit your requirements. Overheating laptops is the most common type of neglect with computers. This can seriously harm your machine and even your health & safety. It is important that you have equipment checked regularly.

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internet broadband problem solvingWhether you require a single computer system installing in your home or a full networked infrastructure within your company. We can offer a flexible and cost effective solution to help. We can install remote networks for branch-to-branch businesses and connectivity for floating business users (For eg. sales reps, engineers, etc) Many home user already have a number of items in their homes that can be configured to work together. This may be to share files between computers, or maybe watch a film on your xbox or ps3 that is stored on your computer.

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