Laptops & Desktop Computers


Laptops are more susceptibe to failures than desktop computers. They are compact and mobile which make them more vunerable in a normal day-to-day environment. Our common laptop repairs are

  • Cracked screens
  • Broken DC power jacks
  • Overheating
  • Liquid Damage

Cracked screens are normally caused by the lid being closed whilst leaving someting on the keypad for eg. pen, pencil etc. People also often pick up the laptop by the screen when moving it from their lap. Of course, dropping it does help either!!

The position of the power jack on laptops can be in awkward place. Breakages in the solder are caused by extra stress on the cable when its plugged in. We advise you to avoid wiggling the cable to get a connection, as this can causing arcing on the motherboard. This generates heat which can damage the board, making a replacement jack almost impossible to install.

Overheating can be caused by using your laptop on your lap. This is why we now hear the term notebook rather than laptop. There have been many legal battles where people have been burned from laptops when used on their laps. This is caused due to the laptop being sat on an uneven surface and the vent holes are normally blocked causing the CPU to overheat. You should use your laptop on a solid surface to help ventilation. The use of laptops in dusty environments can cause overheating. The cooling system will become clogged with dust and debris causing the laptop to overheat. We recommend that you have your laptop serviced every 6 months and even sooner in poor environments.

Most people enjoy a nice brew when browsing the internet, but this can be very hazardous and cause serious damage to your laptop & yourself if spilled. You may think that it wont happpen, but there are a huge amount of wet laptops out there that have been condemmed to the dustbin. We can help recover any data and in most cases get your laptop working again. Call immediately if you have a spillage, time is of the essence!! 



Desktops need to be regularly checked for dust and debris. Desktops have bigger fans which can draw in more dust from the surrounding environment. Many desktops are located in a poorly ventilated locations. Desktops run on mains power and are very sensitive to power surges, blackouts & brownouts, the PSU (power supply unit) can easily be damaged. We can diagnose any hardware issues with your desktop computer.